Simon Howse

General Manager

Originally from Sydney, Australia, Simon has established an extensive entrepreneurial record his permanent transition to Canada.


Upon arriving in Fernie in 1997, Simon, an Electrical District Operator, identified a market need for affordable affordable accommodation in the Fernie area and acquired and further developed the 110-bed Raging Elk motel.


In early 1999, Simon acquired the Grand Central Hotel – a 26-room hotel, 50-person restaurant and 160 seat bar – and proceeded to complete a full-scale renovation. Following the acquisition of the Grand Central Hotel, his company acquired another heritage hotel, the Fernie Hotel, and a full renovation was completed in 2003, multiplying the value of this investment and tripling its original value.


In 2003, Simon acquired a dated apartment building with extensive renovation requirements – the Fairview Apartments. In 2005, Simon led a complete renovation of the building and more than quadrupled the value of the apartment complex.


In 2006, he undertook the $30 million restoration of the 1908 Fernie Schoolhouse, located in the heart of historic downtown Fernie. A comprehensive and visionary approach was developed with all requirements, including architecture, engineering and other planning processes. Simon developed and led all areas, including the Project Management, Sales and Marketing Team, along with a fully equipped trade team and began the construction of the large-scale development in the spring of 2006 with completion in 2010. In 2010, Parastone’s “901 Fernie” project was a finalist in the Best Multi-Family Low Rise Development category.


In 2014, Montane Developments Ltd. was incorporated by Simon to purchase and develop a 400-acre site. Since purchase, Montane Developments has successfully subdivided, serviced and sold 87 residential lots, including the construction of 23 homes and a world-class trail network enjoyed by residents and tourists for biking, hiking and cross-country skiing.


As General Manager of Parastone Developments Ltd., Simon leads the construction management of each project. His dedication to teamwork translates solid business experience into a ‘hands-on’ approach, overseeing all aspects of the project and contributing to greater quality and efficiencies.